The Benchmark IT - Work from Home Survey

Has your IT team been productive working from home?

What challenges have they experienced working remotely?

Did collaboration and communication intensify or weaken?

We asked over 3,000 IT professionals in the Tri-State area (from May 1st to June 11th) to find out.WFHInfographicfinal

Download our latest report: The Tri-State Work from Home survey to discover key insights from the survey and how technology professionals feel about their effectiveness working from home during COVID-19.

Here’s some of what you’ll learn from our report:

  • What are the greatest challenges working from home??
  • How productive they are working from home?
  • Have technology professionals developed effective routines
  • How well companies and management are communicating with their teams?

The infographic gives you a high level overview and for the detailed report, please download now.

Download the full report to gain insights from the entire Work from Home survey. Please get in touch to let us know how Benchmark IT can help with your staffing needs!

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