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The Major Benefits of Having Women in Tech Jobs

With every passing year, the tech industry continues to grow, as does its workforce — but women are still often underrepresented in the tech workforce. It’s finally time to change that and get more women in tech jobs.  Gender-neutral hiring practices can improve everything about a business, from the workplace culture and turnover rate to the…

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A Resource Guide for Women in Tech

Originally published, March 25, 2019. Updated August 17, 2021. 4.5 min. read. Despite comprising 47% of the US labor force, women in technology are largely underrepresented. Women currently hold 25% of IT jobs. Women of color account for far less, with Asian women comprising just 5% of that number and Black and Hispanic women 3%…

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Trends in Networking for A Career in Tech

By Mariah Wagner and Samantha Reif Networking for a career in tech will always be essential. Even in today’s socially distanced environment, networking occurs in many different ways. With that said, what is your networking approach? For instance, do you know how to use networking to your advantage? Benchmark IT’s Senior Technical Recruiter, Mariah Wagner,…

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4 Skills Technical Project Managers Need to Ace that Phone and Video Interview

Phone and video interviews started becoming a more common practice before the Covid-19 pandemic made everything go virtual. While a technical project manager may be comfortable speaking over the phone when communicating with a coworker or client, interviewing is entirely different.  Why Phone and Video Interviews Are Important They are often just a segue into…

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