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Diversity Hiring: Addressing Organizational Practices and Unconscious Bias

This year, many organizations have amplified their commitment to improving their diversity hiring and recruiting efforts. Notably, Fortune Magazine’s announcement to “make corporate diversity disclosure the new standard of doing business.” Businesses realize that diversity and inclusion (D&I) in hiring is no longer just an act of sound ethics but that employees favor diverse organizations….

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On the Edge of Tech: How Edge Computing is Changing Business Intelligence

Here’s a fact: over 90% of ALL data ever created was generated in the last two years alone. Every time someone searches Google (almost 70,000 per second), receives an email (over 2.7 million per second), or shares a social media post, exponential amounts of data continue to stockpile. 2021 will see over 6.6 Trillion digital…

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5 Agile Project Management Best Practices and Methodologies

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit in 2020, the key to success was learning how to pivot.  IT teams worldwide performed the tactical triage necessary to pivot to a remote workforce—practically overnight. It is not 2022 and companies still continue to rethink their products and services. As a result, the workplace model is always being updated…

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4 Ways to Advance Your Long-Term Career Goals this Summer

The long summer days can make even the most dedicated workers feel lazy. It’s easy to dream of escaping to the beach, mountains, or lake. However, before you pack your bags, it’s essential to take some time to think about your current job, this year’s goals, and how they fit into your long-term career goals….

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