Database Engineering

Database Engineering

By John Bemis On June 8, 2015 · In

Updated: July 16, 2021

Innovative Database Architect & Developer

This innovative database architect has in-depth understanding of product lifecycle from product design, to system architecture, to resolving issues, to performance analysis.  He has led development on a suite of web-based applications to transform raw data into effective strategic and operational insights. He has also developed a machine-learning based forecasting and algorithmic trading system that generates dynamic investment strategies using innovative technology including fuzzy logic.

A finalist in the Codie Awards in the “Best eBusiness Solution” category which includes web-based data mining, machine learning, and business intelligence enterprise software. Core Competencies: MVC, Singleton, Spring, Struts2, and Hibernate, WebLogic, Tomcat, SOAP and RESTful, Waterfall, Agile, Maven, Git, Jenkins, Master level Java and C/C++.




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