DevOps Engineer Hiring Guide

DevOps Engineer Hiring Guide

Benchmark IT has created a series of hiring guides to help take the guesswork out of hiring today's most in-demand technology roles. We're excited to introduce the latest in our series: The Benchmark IT DevOps Engineer Hiring Guide.

DevOps is the combination of business philosophies, practices, and tools that quickly enables organizations to deliver applications and services. It's a practice that relies on communication and collaboration between IT development and production teams by automating software deployment and infrastructure changes. DevOps goal is to provide rapid, frequent, and reliable deployment of software across the enterprise. As a result, companies can quickly achieve goals and create faster turnarounds in deploying new features, security patches, and bug fixes.

Attracting and hiring a DevOps Engineer with the experience and skills to create lasting improvements requires a comprehensive action plan. The Benchmark IT DevOps Hiring Guide provides a flexible framework you can use to attract, recruit and hire the right person.

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The Benchmark IT DevOps Engineer Hiring Guide covers:

  • The ideal DevOps Engineer salary (see the complete Hiring Guide for insights from our 2021 Technology Salary and Hiring Guide)
  • The factors, traits, and skillsets needed for success
  • Requirements for the ideal job description
  • Interview questions for hiring managers, including notes for the interviewer
  • Internal Recruitment Checklist
  • Must-haves for a DevOps Engineer job advertisement

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