Full Stack Developer Hiring Guide

Full Stack Developer Hiring Guide

Benchmark IT has introduced a series of hiring guides designed to help you take the guesswork out of hiring today’s most sought-after technology roles. We are pleased to announce the new Benchmark IT Full Stack Developer Hiring Guide.

Full Stack Developers build all components of the web tech stack—from the Front-End to the Back-End. Among software engineers, they’re considered to be “Jacks and Jills of all trades.” They are involved with all phases of web application development, from building server logic, implementing it across various technologies and frameworks to creating code that runs within the browser.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts an 8% growth in web developer jobs in the coming years and a 22% increase for Full Stack Developers by 2029.

The Benchmark IT Full Stack Developer Hiring Guide covers:

  • The ideal Full Stack Developer salary (see the complete hiring Guide for insights from our 2021 Technology Salary and Hiring Guide)
  • The factors, traits, and skillsets needed for success
  • Requirements for the ideal job description
  • Interview questions for hiring managers, including notes for the interviewer
  • Internal Recruitment Checklist
  • Must-haves for a Full Stack Developer job advertisement

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