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Data Strategy Specialist - Hybrid:

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Data Strategy Specialist – Hybrid:

Our direct client, a fast-growing health care technology company, is seeking a highly skilled and experienced healthcare Data Strategy Specialist to join a growing team in the suburbs of Boston. In this role, you will be responsible for developing and implementing data strategies to optimize the use of healthcare data within the organization. You will analyze healthcare data trends, identifying areas for improvement, and designing strategies to enhance data-driven decision-making processes for our clients. You will collaborate with everyone (clients, internal stakeholders, cross-functional teams, data analysts, various IT professionals, and executives) to ensure effective data management and utilization in the healthcare setting.
Roles & Responsibilities

  • Develop and execute data strategies to drive efficient and effective use of healthcare data.
  • Analyze current data systems, workflows, and processes to identify gaps and areas for improvement.
  • Collaborate with internal teams to establish data governance policies, standards, and procedures.
  • Lead data integration initiatives to ensure seamless connectivity across various healthcare systems and platforms.

Understanding of provider performance measurement

  • Identify data quality issues and develop strategies to improve data accuracy, completeness, and integrity.
  • Assume primary responsibility for communication and resolution of client technical issues
  • Instruct the Data Operations team on how to correctly interpret customer business needs and translate them into application and operational requirements 
  • Monitor industry trends and emerging technologies in healthcare data management to propose innovative solutions.
  • Work with stakeholders to define key performance indicators (KPIs) and develop data-driven metrics for evaluating healthcare operations and outcomes.
  • Collaborate with IT teams to design and implement data infrastructure and platforms to support data strategy objectives.
  • Provide guidance and training to staff members on best practices for data management, analysis, and utilization.
  • Stay updated with healthcare regulations and privacy requirements (e.g., HIPAA) to ensure compliance in data management processes.

Experience / Qualifications

  • 5+ years of experience performing analysis on healthcare data 
  • Proven experience in healthcare data management, data strategy development, or a related role.
  • Excellent analytical skills with the ability to translate data insights into actionable strategies.
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills to collaborate effectively with cross-functional teams and stakeholders, especially with clients.
  • Knowledge of health systems, health plans, or large IDNs.
  • Strong understanding of healthcare data sources, formats, and standards (e.g., ADI, SVI, CDC, and CMS sources).
  • Familiarity with healthcare data systems, such as Electronic Health Records (EHR), Claims Management Systems, CMS data and Data Warehouses.
  • Insight into data governance principles and best practices for data processes.
  • Bachelor's degree in a relevant field (Health Informatics, Healthcare Administration, Data Science, etc.). A master's degree is preferred.
  • Proficiency in data analysis and visualization tools (e.g., SQL, Python, R, Tableau, Power BI).
  • Continuously follow healthcare industry trends, regulations, and privacy requirements (e.g., HIPAA).
  • Attention to detail and ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously.

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