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Director of Software Engineering

This Position is no longer available

Director – Software Engineering

Our direct client, a fast-growing energy company in Westchester County, NY, is seeking a hands-on Director of Engineering to lead their software platform development, as well as to implement new field hardware solutions as firm’s product slate evolves, and to maintain our internal IT security and infrastructure.   This position is part of the leadership team and is responsible for both development and implementation of software and technology, which has been a major source of competitive advantage for the company. 

The successful candidate will be responsible for aligning and directing a small but talented team of resources to meet the technical roadmap deliverables and will also need to be hands-on in terms of assisting in developing code for the applications and in reviewing hardware and real time metering technology applications.  The technical plan will include bringing firm’s proprietary software suite into its next generation, implementing new features and functionality in both the customer facing software and internal operational software, and to manage the IT services and security for the company.   A high level of competence in hardware and software development and IT infrastructure, and an ability to quickly learn firm’s business and areas of technology outside of their previous expertise are required.      

Key responsibilities include: 

  • Lead the management and implementation of the technology plan to delivering technology to clients and internal users, including web application development, energy metering IoT, cloud and on-premises infrastructure, information security, and end-point management.
  • Represent firm’s technology plan to leadership team.
  • Build and manage a team of 3 to 4 individuals to deliver technology requirements.
  • Lead the design and implementation for the next iteration of multiple capstone web applications, and understanding the current technology stack (incl. PHP, React, VueJS, MySQL, ExtJS, Python, Golang, Linux) and develop roadmap for technology upgrades.
  • Design and maintain high availability AWS based infrastructure to deploy web applications.
  • Architect applications to use AWS and other third-party services to off-load business functions, including client communications (email / sms / voice), CRM, and marketing.
  • Maintain a collaborative environment on GitHub for code development among team members.
  • Design hardware solutions for energy metering and controls using off-the-shelf industrial equipment (energy meters, controllers, power supplies, wireless routers) for deployment under difficult deployment conditions like basements, vaults, etc.
  • Adopt and implement security standard and controls (e.g. SOC 2) and lead third party security audit activities and mitigation (e.g. CVE, patching, deprecations).
  • Establishing and deploy disaster recovery procedures (e.g. backups, replication, version control).
  • Implement and monitor alerting technologies (e.g. DDOS detection, brute force attacks, vulnerability detection bots, etc.)
  • Maintain connectivity for user data and voice at offices with four to five nines uptime, including network equipment (e.g. routers, firewalls, switches, access points) and VOIP phones.
  • Manage endpoints for ~50 users both on-premises and remote.
  • Support various productivity software (Office365, Box, Autodesk, Hubspot).

Core competencies: 

  • Strong technical, leadership, and communication skills a must
  • Demonstrated experience in PHP, Golang, Python, MySQL, Javascript, HTML/CSS
  • Understanding of security principles and implementation
  • Code version control using git, collaboration using GitHub (pull requests, code review, issue tracking)
  • Ability to understand basic networking of off the shelf hardware components for real time energy metering.
  • Unit testing, Object-oriented Programming, Domain Driven Design, Test Driven Development, Microservice architecture
  • Amazon Web Services for high availability application deployment
  • Office365 productivity suite, Open Office XML
  • Continuous Integration using Github Actions, Continuous Deployment using Docker

Job ID: 5104