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Product Manager

Product Manager

Job Summary:

Our Clients vision is to drive positive business outcomes for their customers by understanding their individual needs and actively engaging with them through their face to face events and digital tools. Central to achieving this vision is maximizing the value of the connections and interactions their buyers and sellers make at their clients events to improve their experience and drive new business opportunities.

Our client is looking for an experienced product manager to lead a global initiative which will focus on standardizing, scaling and extending their lead/customer scanning product offering to maximize the value to their customers.

This role will focus on defining a clear strategy and vision for the future product based on a deep understanding of the needs of their customers, followed by directing product development efforts to meet that strategy and vision. In parallel, the product manager will work closely with Business Units and local show teams across their clients internal teams to successfully deploy the product, providing best practice and direct support to maximize customer value at each individual show where the product is used. The product manager will also leverage analytics and customer insights to fuel product development and set priorities. Many of the analytics and insights will be captured  through engagement with the business units.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Develop a clear vision and roadmap for the future product which is driven by data and customer insight, synthesizes global requirements, and prioritizes customer value
  • Guide customer insights effort to capture feedback and qualitative input to feature requirements
  • Evaluate external solutions to identify potential new features for evaluation with  their clients customers
  • Leverage and analyse a broad range of data and customer insight to inform feature prioritization, roadmap development, and product strategy decisions
  • Design and embed customer usage analytics into the product and use insight from user analytics as input into the product roadmap
  • Understand potential interactions between the Emperia and our clients technology ecosystem and support integration efforts that result in a consistent customer experience
  • Develop a clear plan for rollout and build relationships with key business representatives across our clients internal teams which will enable scaled rollout in 2019 and 2020
  • Successfully manage product deployment by engaging with business units and show teams to drive customer value best practice, guidance, training, and planning support.
  • Define and implement tracking of metrics to measure success and customer value across both existing lead scanning products and ongoing deployments of the new product
  • Drive a deep understanding of the product into Business Units and Show Teams, evangelizing across internal clients to drive active engagement in the initiative from a broad range of stakeholders
  • Develop lasting and impactful relationships globally
  • Develop robust best practice for product deployment which enables show teams to successfully use the product to maximize customer value
  • Engage with show teams and functional leadership (e.g. Sales and Marketing) to guide and input to best practices and processes, leveraging expertise and insight from across the business
  • Engage with candidate BUs and show teams to plan medium and long-term deployments, assessing show characteristics and specific nuances/requirements
  • Maximize the value of our investment in product development through guiding technical development on the product – managing the backlog, conducting prioritization, and assessing acceptance criteria
  • Maximize the value of the data we collect by directing analytics efforts which prioritize direct insights to customers and actionable insights for show teams
  • Support communication of analytics and insight outputs to BUs and show teams and monitor actions taken based on the insight produced


Particular skill sets the role will need to demonstrate:

  • The ability to translate business and customer goals and objectives into actionable and measurable digital solutions
  • The ability to articulate product strategy, roadmap and priorities in a compelling and succinct way for a broad range of stakeholders
  • Leadership and management of digital product development efforts through working with technical resources
  • Management of a broad range of stakeholder priorities in a complex global environment whilst motivating and influencing at all levels of the organisation
  • Engagement of stakeholders throughout the business, leveraging critical people at the right time to ensure alignment across the business
  • Strong analytical skills to assess product and customer insight, use data to drive product decisions, and effectively report on progress
  • Commitment to an agile, continuous improvement mindset

Person Specification:

  • Proven experience as a Product Manager or in similar roles relating to product strategy, customer engagement, and product marketing
  • Proven experience delivering product focused on customer value with clear, compelling metrics that fuel product development priorities and business enthusiasm
  • Deep understanding of the digital product landscape and a passion for all things digital and data, including a focus on delivering measurable customer value
  • Strong stakeholder management, leadership, and influencing skills working from a corporate perspective with global business unit market teams
  • Exceptional communication and presentation skills, face to face and by phone and email
  • Comfortable working with technical and non-technical stakeholders and able to present information for different levels of the organisation internationally
  • Ability to succinctly summarize complex products and concepts to unfamiliar audiences where English may not be the first language
  • Experience in common analysis methods relating to digital products and customer insight to test hypotheses relating to product development
  • Experience in core project management disciplines to support Business Units shape and track plans, risks, and issues


Job ID: 4065