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Python Engineer - Long-term Contract

This Position is no longer available

Core Capabilities & Attributes:
• Craftsman-like approach to building software; takes pride in engineering excellence and instils these values within the team and others
• A proponent of strong collaborative software engineering techniques and methods: agile development, continuous integration, code review or pairing, unit testing, refactoring and related approaches.
• Excellent problem-solving and critical-thinking skills; demonstrated ability to employ fact-based decision-making to resolve complex problems, by applying logic analysis, experience and business knowledge
• Possess a passion for technology and staying sharp in your craft by keeping on top of new technologies, tools and trends
• Ensure and manage excellent customers relationships
• Demonstrable passion for technology (e.g. personal projects, open-source involvement) while using their problem solving capabilities to deliver solutions utilizing a top end engineering approach

In this role you will design, develop, modify, adapt and implement short- and long-term solutions to information technology needs through new and existing applications, systems, databases and applications infrastructure. You will review and interpret system requirements and business processes as well as code, test, debug and implement software solutions. You will also:
• Lead projects or work streams
• Be accountable for your work and sometimes others, provide process and standards advice in your area of specialization
• Work independently
• Serve as a resource for colleagues with less experience
You will be responsible for:
• Performing as a domain expert in one or more parts of the software lifecycle (e.g., coding, testing, deployment). Leads significant pieces of development within the development lifecycle
• Contributing to the development of standard methodologies within your group
• Leading code reviews and actively participates in providing feedback on others’ designs/code
• Being accountable for technical debt in your own software
• Leading a small project team, as required
• Taking control of complex problems and step through them in a rational way
• Making tactical vs. strategic trade-offs
• Being flexible in your thinking; able to evolve a solution when additional information or ideas are presented
• Mentoring junior members of the team
• Identifying when junior engineers need help and providing it in a positive way that promotes confidence.
• Actively helping team members/make suggestions to improve practices.

Business Knowledge
• Able to work directly with business partners
• Decisions show a focus on current and future business priorities, together with fiscal responsibility
• Can articulate business needs and translate them into technology solutions

•  3+ years of progressive experience programming in Python and SQL )
•  Any experience with Flask or FastAPI is BIG plus

• In-depth knowledge and expertise in your job discipline and working knowledge of related disciplines
• Stays up to date with new technologies
• Programs proficiently in several languages and is comfortable switching between them
• Shows dedication to quality by implementing suitable software using unit/integration and acceptance testing at the time of feature development
• Develops data models or schemas from scratch and knows of key concepts such as ACID, Normalization, and Transactions
• Debugs large components with limited assistance and a

Job ID: 4999