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Meet the Team: Samantha Reif

By BenchmarkIT On June 9, 2020 · In

Meet Samantha Reif! Samantha is a Technical Recruiter at Benchmark IT and founding member of Women with WITS – Women in Tech: Stamford. We had a great chat with Samantha to discuss how she got into technology staffing, her role as a recruiter and working with women in tech, and the excitement of working with Benchmark IT – Technology Talent. Continue reading to find out more!

What got you into technology staffing?
Before entering the technology staffing industry, I was in the healthcare industry. I wasn’t initially targeting a technology-focused company but was keen to join a company that welcomed people and supported the need for a proper work-life balance. A good friend introduced me to Benchmark IT and assured me that, as a new mother, they provided an environment that allowed the work-life balance I wanted. I soon discovered that Benchmark IT and the technology staffing industry was the perfect fit for me. It challenges me every day, allows me to work in a great team environment, and lets me balance my career with my home life.

Coming out of healthcare, I was motivated to work in the staffing industry because I love working and interacting with people. I always find it interesting to speak with people from various levels across the industry. We work with wide variety of skill-sets and sectors, so I’m able to interact with all kinds of personalities. Additionally, I was very attracted to recruiting because I enjoy the hustle and fast pace. It is a little like solving a puzzle…you are given a task (a position), and your goal is to complete that task efficiently and successfully (by finding a great person) in a given period. It really suits me.

What do you think is the most exciting about working with clients and staff on their technology?
Technology is everchanging, and therefore, sometimes challenging to keep up with all of the changes and updates. However, I’ve found that people in tech are very willing to help people understand the changes that occur. For instance, if I am speaking to a candidate about a role that requires a specific technology that I’m not fully aware of, it’s not uncommon for candidate or colleague to send me articles or PowerPoints regarding that particular technology. This says so much about the people in this industry. They are so passionate about what they do and eager to help others understand. Our candidates’ passion for technology makes me even more enthusiastic about my job. I’ve learned so much about a wide array of technologies working in the IT staffing industry. I’m a sponge for knowledge, and I have the opportunity to learn more every day. It’s so impressive how often technology changes, and I find it very exciting to learn.

Another exciting aspect of the industry is my function and role as a technology recruiter. I get to help people find jobs on a daily basis, which I find so meaningful. I’ve found my purpose in finding jobs for people who may have been furloughed, laid off, or just searching for their dream job. It’s a very rewarding thing to be a part of and to help people find the job they need and want.

What is it about Benchmark IT that makes you want to come into work every day?
Working at Benchmark IT has been great due to the immense amount of support we receive on a daily basis. Our leadership team really supports our ideas and input, and they take it into consideration commonly. They also make you feel so welcome when joining the team and continue that throughout your career. During my interview, I was given the opportunity to meet everyone on the team. Input from every employee is valued here, and it personally makes me feel I have a purpose and have made an impact on the company.

An example of how supportive our leadership has been is our work with Women with WITS. My colleague, Mariah Wagner, and I thought of the concept of WITS together, which stands for Women in Tech: Stamford. Our inspiration for this group came from attending a meetup where only one woman was present, and we agreed that it would be great to create a meetup to empower and support women in tech. We brought this idea to Nancy, our VP of Marketing, and she was immediately onboard and helped us plan and ultimately launch Women with WITS.

The purpose of Women with WITS is to provide an open community for anyone to join and allow for the collaboration of ideas, off workshops, and provide a network for people. Our guest, Susan Catalano, hosted our first virtual meetup. She presented our meetup group with insights on how to use LinkedIn to build your personal and company brand. This first meetup was successful, and we look forward to our next meetup scheduled on June 17th. To find more information and updates on WITS’ future events and discussions, check out our page on

Samantha’s Favorite Quotes:women in tech
“Life always offers you a second chance. It’s called tomorrow.” -Dylan Thomas

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