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The Benefits of 5G

By John Bemis On January 19, 2021 · In

New technology is just over the horizon, and it provides many benefits for individuals and businesses. We’re talking about 5G, the fifth generation of mobile wireless communications technology. As it’s the latest advancement in cellular technology, 5G offers an increase in speed and responsiveness, greater capacity, and lower latency. Overall, it’s here to create a smarter and more connected technical world. Let’s dive deeper into the benefits of 5G and what it can do for you and your business.

With every wireless network generation, we have seen a vast improvement in connection speed. A great benefit that 5G has is that its speed goes above and beyond that of 4G LTE. It has been predicted that 5G has the potential to reach 10 gigabits per second. This is a 100x increase from the 100 megabits per second offered by 4G! This speed enhancement is very exciting and is surely of interest for businesses across all industries and sectors.

We are living in a technology driven world, transferring data every day. The enhanced speed benefit of 5G saves time and allows for the moving of significant amounts of data without any network issues.

Higher Capacity
Increased speed is great, but what about capacity? Don’t worry, one of the great benefits of 5G includes higher device capacity. This benefit helps businesses scale their technology initiatives through the delivery of up to 1,000x more capacity than 4G. The truth is, networks are limited to a predefined number of devices and data transmissions, but 5G deployments can support one million connected devices per 0.38 square miles. This allows for businesses to host a very large number of devices in their IT infrastructure. This capability allots seamless communication across several industries.

Lower Latency
Another benefit of 5G is lower latency. Latency measures how long a signal takes to go from a source to a receiver. A high latency has resulted in noticeable delay, and unfortunately this has been present in past network connections. With the high-end development of 5G, you and your business are able to have an even lower latency than 4G LTE. In fact, the speed of the transmission of data takes less than five milliseconds!

If you are interested in becoming involved in IoT, or you already are involved, 5G has shown to significantly improve the functionality of IoT devices. The lower latency in 5G is faster than human visual processing as well as virtual reality and augmented reality. The combination of high speed and minimal lag create connectivity improvements and better technical experiences.

Increased Bandwidth
Along with improved speed and network capacity, 5G offers increased bandwidth. Unlike 4G LTE networks, 5G has the ability to transmit larger amounts of data. This allows for greater optimization of network traffic. One of the benefits of 5G’s increased bandwidth is that it passes through many divisions in the form of big data. Large amounts of data are able to be turned into actionable knowledge through the increased connectivity and big data analytics of 5G.

What does this mean for your business?
5G supercharges your business. If these benefits of 5G are added to your business, it can increase efficiency, production, reduce costs, and create breakthroughs. To prepare for the addition of 5G to your business, technology and business leaders must:

  • Include the investment of 5G into your budget – As expected, 5G hardware is more expensive than 4G. Having the 5G-ready equipment prepared greatly assists your business for the launch of the advanced technology.
  • Provide 5G education – It’s very important to have a firm understanding of the technology before incorporating it into your company. IT leaders and employees need to understand how 5G can support their business goals and define ways it can positively impact the business.
  • Enhance big data analytics – Some other benefits of 5G include advancements in AI, automation, and IoT. All of these enhancements also lead to more data. Your business should prepare by ensuring that you have the data analytics tools capable of retrieving insights from the data. Investments in data analytics tools is essential.
  • Prepare for the wave of artificial intelligence and automation – As mentioned earlier, 5G includes advancements in AI and automation. The faster speeds and lower latency 5G offer requires changes in how your business relies on mobile networks. Work with IT specialists and engineers to redesign your core operations to adapt to machine learning and AI.
  • Create your strategy – How will you use 5G now? How will you use it in the longer term? Your business must explore all the possibilities of 5G and how it applies to your business.

Technology is always evolving and improving. Incorporating new technology in your business requires changes, but it also provides many different benefits. The benefits of 5G surpass those of past cellular technology advancements. How do you think it will benefit your business?



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