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The Demand is Real: How to Cope with the Software Developer Shortage

Looking for software developers? You’re not alone. Hiring software developers is the second most common problem among employers today. Demand for software developers will increase by 21% by 2028. This is more than twice as fast as forecasted growth across all other computer occupations (+8.4%). And the software developer shortage shows no signs of stopping….

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Trends in Virtual Hiring and Onboarding

It’s hard to believe that just a few short weeks ago, the idea of using video to conduct a first or second interview was something of a novelty. Most of our New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut-based clients preferred the standard practice of an initial phone screen. A series of in-person interviews then followed. The…

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What IT Candidates May Be Missing About “Culture Fit”

“Culture fit” can seem like a nebulous concept, but it has some tangible meaning for IT candidates. There are few judgments that seem more criticizing to candidates than hearing they’re not a good “culture fit.” And depending on the context, the phrase not only sounds ambiguous and fishy, but also arbitrary and subjective. So What…

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