Top Paying Web Developer Jobs

Top Paying Web Developer Jobs

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Updated: September 5, 2023

What Does a Web Developer Do?

Just as the title of the position implies, the overall focus of web development jobs are to create websites. The main role of a web developer is to take a website design and create an easy-to- navigate, visually appealing, fully functioning, and interactive website.

Web developer jobs can be categorized into four main groups:

  1. Back-End Developers are responsible for generating the logic that runs on a server. They typically use PHP, ASP and SQL programming languages. These developers create access points so others can input or manage website content.
  2. Front-End Developers are also known as user interface developers. They are responsible for generating what you see on a site such as hovering effects and interactivity. These developers work with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript programming languages to create visual and interactive aspects of a website.
  3. Full Stack Web Developers do the work of both front- and back-end developers. They are knowledgeable about both front- and back-end development and can build a complete website on their own. IT professionals who are in full stack web development can handle all of the databases, servers, and system engineering on a site.
  4. Webmasters are in charge of website maintenance and make sure links, pages, and applications are working properly.

Are Web Developer Jobs in Demand?

Web development jobs have always been plentiful in the world of tech. However, given that the Covid-19 pandemic has created a massive shortage of tech talent, web developer jobs are more in demand now than ever! According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, web developer jobs are expected to grow 13% from 2020 to 2030 with 17,900 job openings every year

Necessary Skills for Web Developer Jobs

Every company will have its own needs for web development services, but the tasks, responsibilities, and skills remain constant. All web developers should know the correct coding that pertain to the work they do. They should know CSS, JavaScript, PHP or another programming language and understand when to use each discreet language.

Additionally, knowing some technical SEO is a real plus. Website design impacts a website performance which in turn influences search engine rankings. As a result, web developers should also know how to make a site responsive with mobile phones and tablets. Responsiveness is not only a major factor in a website’s design and utility, but this it also affect a site’s SEO.

While knowing which programming language to use is a critical ‘hard’ skill, web developers must be able to hone their ‘soft’ skills as well. Soft skills are personal characteristics that cannot be taught, but are vital in workplace success.

Communication is one of the most essential soft skills needed in the world of tech. The ability to explain technical matters clearly is not always an easy task. However,  strong communications skills can move a project along quickly with fewer mistakes. Other important soft skills for web and software developers include attention to detail, time management and problem solving skills.

Attention to detail is a critical soft skill within the web developer space. When writing code, a small error can have great impact. Being detail-oriented and able to see where a mistake was made can be a key factor in the success of a project. Similarly, if a mistake is made, having good problem-solving skills is another asset that can help a web developer.

Web Developer Salaries

If you would like a job in one of these positions, making sure to have a degree in web development is a good first step. Additionally, there are plenty of courses to take with certifications that can be acquired. Some of the top web developer jobs and salaries are:

Web Developer Jobs

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