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How to Effectively Manage Stress During the Holidays as an IT Professional

Is the constant stream of holiday music in shopping malls, supermarkets, and elevators making you crazy? Is the mashup of holiday parties and year-end deadlines on top of personal and family obligations giving you hives? You’re not alone. IT pros generally experience more stress than other employment sectors. A recent study released by Blind, a…

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Why You Didn’t Get A Job in Tech

Even in a record-low unemployment market, employers have high standards when it comes to their next IT hire. While some employers may have unrealistic job requirements and continue to search for that elusive “purple squirrel,” even minor missteps in the process can knock an otherwise qualified  IT professional out of the running. Here’s a breakdown…

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How to Boost Your Tech Career: 4 IT Skills on the Rise

No matter what your tech specialty is, developing cross-functional IT skills are a key component to your long-term career success. A more diverse knowledge base offers a broader sense of the big picture. This perspective will enable you to better understand how your role fits into your organization and its business goals. And it will…

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The Importance of Finding the Right IT Recruiter

Your career is important, and it’s not always easy to navigate open positions and catch a hiring manager’s eye. When it comes to finding your next job and staying on course to meet your long-term goals, having the right IT recruiter for your IT recruitment needs by your side can make all the difference. So…

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The Jobseeker’s Dilemma: The Downside of a Candidate Market

With an abundance of tech jobs but a shortage of talent, it should be a job seeker’s dream considering that it is a candidate market. Individuals can finally sit in the driver’s seat and steer their ideal careers. However, many candidates aren’t feeling this power in this jobseeker’s market. With so much demand and so…

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What IT Candidates May Be Missing About “Culture Fit”

“Culture fit” can seem like a nebulous concept, but it has some tangible meaning for IT candidates. There are few judgments that seem more criticizing to candidates than hearing they’re not a good “culture fit.” And depending on the context, the phrase not only sounds ambiguous and fishy, but also arbitrary and subjective. So What…

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