Hiring 2021: A Dive into the Benchmark IT Salary and Hiring Guide

Hiring 2021: A Dive into the Benchmark IT Salary and Hiring Guide

By John Bemis On February 2, 2021 · In

Updated: June 28, 2023

After a year like no other, we can finally say good riddance to 2020 and look positively towards the future. While the pandemic saw record unemployment rates across the nation, the impact on technology jobs and salaries remains negligible. That said, we’ve seen dramatic changes in the way we hire, work, and live. The 2021 Benchmark IT Salary and Hiring Guide provides timely insights and information on the current tech hiring and employment landscape. The guide also delivers up-to-date salary expectations for a wide range of today’s hottest jobs. Read on for insights, and click here for the full guide!

The Benchmark for 2021

This guide serves as a summary of the latest IT salary ranges and current hiring practices. We have established three key factors to our expectations. Included are the factors driving today’s IT hiring landscape, an up-to-date salary outlook by function and skill set, and the current hiring challenges. In addition best practices to improve hiring success is included.

IT as an Essential Business Driver

When the pandemic hit, IT delivered the tactical triage required to pivot to a remote workforce — virtually overnight. Doing so underscored how IT is an indispensable resource to business success. Above all, survival in many cases. This, combined with the persistent demand for IT skills in an environment of digital transformation and innovation will remain throughout 2021 and beyond. It’s no surprise that technology professionals have a positive job outlook.

As companies remain remote, it’s predicted that 2021 will see the refinement of technology initiatives and systems necessary for the remote workforce. This enhancement of technology skills provides more solutions to meet organization’s business goals.

Supply and Demand

With the enhancements of technology and digital transformation in businesses, companies see the need for more IT skills and professionals to drive their business toward success. You can expect to see an increased demand in several technology positions across software development, security, and data.

There are many reasons to be optimistic about the technology sector throughout 2021. With so many companies are focused on technological innovation, there will be increased demand for skilled technologists, even after we reach the end of the pandemic.

CompTIA’s 2020 survey of IT hiring managers detailed the top factors that hinder their current hiring environment.

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2021 Hiring Challenges

Although demand for technologists remains high and the future of IT and innovation is bright, companies still face new and ongoing hiring challenges. One of the greatest challenges—virtual interviewing, hiring and onboarding– has become the new normal. While remote recruiting and onboarding have been present in the past, not every business was prepared to adopt this new practice, essentially overnight. Many struggles come with virtual hiring and onboarding, including the process of assessing candidates over video or phone interviews, determining remote work productivity, identifying quality candidates, and more (see our 2021 Salary and Hiring Guide for exact statistics).

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Hiring in 2021 requires a solid plan and hiring process to overcome the challenges of the new normal. Strategic workforce planning, talent analytics, and upskilling your hiring managers may also be of benefit. The Benchmark IT Salary and Hiring Guide includes a customized hiring process and checklist. This planning relieves some of the challenges your company faces in hiring this coming year.

Whether you are a business looking to level up your hiring, or a technology professional looking for your next career opportunity, the Benchmark IT 2021 Salary and Hiring Guide provides useful insights to help make your business and your career successful.

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