Consultant Spotlight: Bert Madwed

Consultant Spotlight: Bert Madwed

By John Bemis On March 3, 2020 · In

Updated: November 10, 2022

We’re excited to announce the first in a series of blog articles called Consultant Spotlight. Each article will shine a spotlight on one of the many great consultants Benchmark IT works with on a regular basis. Our inaugural Consultant Spotlight features longtime Benchmark IT consultant and friend, Bert Madwed.

We recently sat down with Bert to discuss how he became a technology consultant, his favorite projects, and why he chooses to work with Benchmark IT.

What Got You into Technology and Consulting?
My first job in technology was for a company in Pittsburgh. They hired me as an engineer with no specific idea as to what I would be doing. My first assignment was to debug a program that they were working on. Prior to this, I had taken a computer programming course in college, so they believed I had the necessary skills to take on the task. I was able to complete the assignment successfully and that launched my career in programming and technology.

Upon returning to Connecticut, I began working for a company that developed the first finite capacity scheduling system. From there, a couple of employees and I started our own technology consulting firm. We did this for a few years until the jobs began to taper off. At that point in time, I contacted a recruiting firm and that’s when I met John Bemis. Within a week I had a contracting job. This eventually led to a permanent position, and the great people of Benchmark IT have been helping me ever since.

What Was Your Favorite Technology Project?
There are a few projects that I would consider to be my favorites. First, when I had my own consulting firm, I really enjoyed creating our own finite capacity scheduling system. At that time off-the-shelf software was very expensive, so as part of the project, I created our own database engine.

Another favorite project I worked on was one where I made a rail shipping computer model for a mining company. The company had to constantly juggle between cars with inbound raw materials and empty cars waiting to be loaded for shipping. Their process was very inefficient, and they often needed to use an off-site storage yard. I created a computer model of the rail yard. We also took the historical data and made simulations in order to determine how to improve their process and reduce the usage of the off-site storage yard.

Lastly, a project I really enjoy is the one I am currently working on. We are creating an ERP system for a shipping company. This particular company is in the business of buying and selling products that are shipped all over the world. They had previously been managing their business using excel spreadsheets and word documents. To improve the communication between departments and ensure workflow consistency, I am currently building a cloud-based ERP system for them.

Why Do You Choose to Work with Benchmark IT? IT consultant
Benchmark IT has a personal touch with everyone they work with. I feel that they are really looking out for me as a consultant as well as always finding jobs for me. They are not just concerned with placing new people as consultants or full-time employees, but they are also constantly looking out for new opportunities for the people they have already placed. In general, they are great people to be working with.

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