Announcing the 2022 Technology Salary and Hiring Guide

Announcing the 2022 Technology Salary and Hiring Guide

By John Bemis On January 21, 2022 · In

Updated: May 3, 2023

With the past two years under our belt, we step into yet a third year of a pandemic world. From the looks of it Covid will continue to impact our daily lives. We have seen a rapid transition to remote work, and an increased effort to enhance business systems and processes. Both trends keep customers and employees engaged and satisfied in new and meaningful ways.

The 2022 Technology Salary and Hiring Guide is an up-to-date resource for IT hiring and salary expectations for 30+ IT jobs.

IT Professionals Take the Spotlight

This year technologists continue to move center stage as key stakeholders and orchestrators of this transformational change. The lines between IT and business functions are blurring. Therefore, “business technologists” are becoming essential players in the expansion of technology across organizations. These employees have the required IT skills to provide new capabilities, thus driving business innovation, and broader customer outreach and engagement.

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Are You Ready for This Trend in IT Transformation?

A new innovative trend in technology management has become known as stealth IT, or the democratization of technology. This is where individual business units procure purpose-driven technology and play an active role in implementing their solutions. The democratization of data, systems, and technology has created a digital-centric economy. That continues to significantly reshape the workplace, workforce, and organizations at large.

Although IT may more commonly be seen as a back-office function, democratization integrates IT staffing services across the organization. This IT transformation trend seeks to close the skills gap. Organizations that invest upskilling and retraining their staff increase their capabilities and business outcomes.

What Keeps Technology Management Up at Night?

It is no secret that there is an extreme talent shortage in IT. Skilled technology professionals are hard to find and difficult to keep. In fact, 72% of global technology management say that recruiting tech talent and filling open roles are their biggest challenges. Thus, forcing organizations to get creative on how to search for top talent.

Another challenge is what’s become known as “The Great Resignation.” Resignations increased in tech by 4.5% in 2021, proving how organizations must craft solutions to retain their teams and avoid burnout.

Other challenges technology management face include: Technology Salary Guide Assistance

  1. Maintaining strong cybersecurity for a hybrid workforce
  2. Filling open tech positions, managing a return-to-office
  3. Determining necessary technologies in the post-pandemic future.

What Motivates IT Professionals?

Unsurprisingly, the #1 factor in motivating IT professionals is more training and learning. Consequently, 32% of tech employees cite lack of learning and development as a reason they change jobs. Organizations need consider and implement enhanced learning opportunities for new hires and existing employees to advance in their careers as well.

58% of IT professionals report skills development as a reason to select a new company. 91% of current employees want more training from their current employer. These vital offerings for your organization must be considered in 2022.

Secondly, flexibility is also a top priority for many professionals, not only where they work, but when they work. To retain current and future employees, organizations must continue to offer increased flexibility in work schedules and remote work when possible. This will foster healthy work relationships and enhance trust on both ends.


Technology Salary Statistics


Today’s Highest Paying Technology Jobs

When considering a job change, technology salary and benefits are the top factors according to 76% of IT professionals. With that said, organizations must maintain competitive salaries and benefits packages to attract and maintain the talent they seek. The top three positions in terms of technology salary in 2022 are:

  1. Cloud Architect ($211,250)
  2. VP/Director of IT ($210,750)
  3. Site Reliability Engineer ($195,000).

How IT Recruitment Firms Can Help

IT Recruitment firms like Benchmark IT have dedicated their careers to helping technology professionals advance in theirs.

Our extensive networks allow us to attract the right talent and fully qualify them for a best-fit scenario. IT Recruitment firms help clients reduce unproductive interviews and eliminate the aimless search for talent. The result? A more effective process for all parties.

Are you searching for top tech talent for your company? Benchmark IT can help! Contact us to learn more.

About Benchmark IT –Technology Talent

Benchmark IT offers technology consulting, executive search, and direct hire recruitment and staffing services. We service a wide range of clients and industries throughout the metro New York area and beyond. Our proprietary recruitment process, and dedication to precision, ethics, and personalized service sets us apart from other recruiting firms.

Since its founding in 2007, Benchmark IT has become a trusted IT recruitment partner among Fortune-ranked companies, mid-market, start-up, and growth-phase firms. For additional information, visit:


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