Requirements for Data Scientist Jobs

Requirements for Data Scientist Jobs

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Updated: November 14, 2022

How do you Define Data Scientist Jobs?

Data science is relatively new in the world of IT. The Data Science Journal made its debut in 2002. Since then, data science has become a hot topic in academic research, public and private workplaces, and government policies and practices.

According to the Data Science Journal, data science “has emerged as a panoply of techniques, tools, and skills that can be applied to derive value (economic or intellectual) out of the growing piles of data.” Careers in data science have exploded due to the proliferation of data created by consumer and business behavior across various platforms and the need to understand and monetize that information.

In a general sense, data scientists are analytical data experts who have the technical skills required to solve problems. Data scientist roles are a combination of mathematicians, computer scientists, and trend spotters, as people in this role straddle the worlds of IT and functional business units.

A data scientist’s job description involves utilizing their technology and social science skills to manage the vast amounts of data generated from smart devices, social media, and email metrics and then analyze those trends. Many data scientists start their careers as statisticians or data analysts since they are responsible for collecting large amounts of data and putting it into a useable format.

Demand for Data Scientist Jobs

Due to the explosion in information and data, big data has become significant asset companies use to benchmark their progress and performance. Big data can help a company improve its efficiency and optimize product development to acquire more revenue and growth opportunities. For these reasons, data scientist jobs are becoming more in demand now than ever before.

Given the current tech talent shortage and the relative newness of data scientist roles, this is becoming a fast-growing field. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the data scientist job outlook is promising and expected to grow 22% from 2020 to 2030. In addition, it is projected that an average of 3,200 jobs will open each year of the decade.

Required Skills for Data Scientist Jobs

There are many required skillsets in what it takes to be a good data scientist. The first step is an undergraduate degree in data science or a related field. Additionally, knowing statistics and machine learning would also be helpful when pursuing data scientist jobs.

The most common data scientist jobs require collecting data and working with Coding languages such as SAS, R, or Python. Additionally, knowing how to use databases such as MySQL, Postgres Hadoop, and MapReduce are beneficial assets for any data scientist.

Data science jobs require data visualization, machine learning, deep learning, pattern recognition, data preparation, and text analytics technologies. Machine learning is a branch of artificial intelligence that will help with deep learning to model complex abstractions. This will also help with pattern recognition and data preparation to recognize and format data.

Data science jobs help bridge the gap between business units and IT, which makes strong communication skills necessary. Additionally, effectively communicating business, and evaluating and communicating risk, are vital to the role.

What Are Data Science Salary Ranges?

A data scientist’s salary will depend on experience and location. If you would like a job in one of these positions, having a degree in software development is a good first step. Additionally, there are plenty of courses to take with certifications that can be acquired. Some of the top data scientist jobs and salaries are:

Data Scientist Jobs Salaries

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Data Scientist Jobs

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